Government announces new SEF inspectors to reinforce services at Lisbon Airport – The Economic Journal

The Government announced yesterday that the Foreigners and Border Service (SEF) has 45 new trainee inspectors to reinforce services at Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon. The reinforcement of the trainee inspectors aims to anticipate the response to the foreseeable traffic growth at the airport.

During the ceremony to receive the new trainee inspectors at the airport, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, pointed out that at the beginning of April, 22 inspectors had been reinforced in the same services, with a total of 67 trainees. "This is the largest number of inspectors ever at Lisbon Airport and more than double that of 2014," the government said in a statement.

"The minister said that 49 electronic control stations will be set up in Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal airports, aimed at improving passenger access conditions and response conditions. Eduardo Cabrita also said that soon he will meet with ANA and that new conditions for SEF and PSP are already being considered in preparation for the enlargement of Lisbon Airport, "the statement said.

"With the reinforcement of trainees at the airport, the Government intends to anticipate the response to traffic growth at the airport. In this regard, the minister said that 'the number of non-Schengen passengers doubled between 2013 and 2019' and that 'the SEF response is more than doubling its human resources at Lisbon Airport and proposing to the ANA differentiation of passenger service areas by flight origins, creating areas of faster movement for passengers in transit ', he concludes.

At the weekend, the SEF's Investigation and Inspection Career Union demanded that the government put ANA, the airport manager, "in order", so that inspectors have "acceptable conditions" of work, recalls the Lusa Agency .

The union accuses Vinci Airports, which owns ANA Aeroportos, of not allocating to the SEF inspectors at Humberto Delgado Airport "rooms suitable for their meals, restricting them to common areas, keeping the same interview rooms and the same sanitary facilities of the time when airport traffic was one-third of the current one. " Moreover, the union recalls that 10 years ago there were 120 inspectors at Lisbon Airport and that "now there are 280".

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