Government announces total reconstruction of 288 homes after the fires of a year ago – The Economic Journal

Government announces total reconstruction of 288 homes after the fires of a year ago - The Economic Journal

The government claims to have helped rebuild 288 houses burned a year ago, in the northern and central regions of the country, and has already paid 14.8 million euros in that effort.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructures, "Another 486 houses are being executed, out of the 900 applications for state support approved."

"Half of these homes are in the works and the remaining in the final phase of licensing", said the statement.

According to information provided by the ministry led by Pedro Marques, there were 39 counties affected by the fires of October 15 last year, 32 in the central zone and seven in the northern part of Portugal.

There were a total of 1,397 applications submitted, with 900 approved.

"The reconstruction of these houses, financed entirely by the State Budget, is framed by the Permanent Housing Reconstruction Support Program (PARHP), which assigns to the coordination and regional development commissions of the North and the Center the general management and coordination functions, in articulation with the municipalities, which are responsible for the instruction of requests for support, as well as the monitoring of projects, "said statement said.

It is recalled that the PARHP provides that the reconstruction of permanent housing of less than 25 thousand euros can be carried out by the owners, taking the CCDR [Comissões de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional] responsibility for the rest.

"In the Central region, taking into account the number of works to be carried out, works were carried out on the municipal level or in groups of municipalities," explains the statement from the Ministry of Planning.

This program involves several phases, including the damage assessment, the application period, followed by the analysis of the verification of the eligibility conditions, and the contracting of the works, followed by the preparation of the projects and their licensing. The contracting is carried out in accordance with the procedures provided for in the Public Contracts Code and the special legislation published in the meantime, subject to the approval of the Court of Auditors and the monitoring by the General Inspectorate of Finance.

The same statement clarifies that "the main reasons for the rejection of requests for reconstruction are the fact that the houses in analysis do not constitute permanent housing, with the impossibility of proving ownership of the property or with aspects related to its urban permit "Adding that" in some of the projects, the sub-mission of documentation proving ownership or licensing has only occurred in recent weeks. "

The Ministry of Planning adds that "in support for companies, the Repor program has already paid € 27.5 million, intended to restore activity of companies directly affected by the fires of June and October."

In this chapter, there were 459 applications, of which 329 were approved, representing a total investment of 142.3 million euros plus 89.3 million euros of incentives.

The application period for this program runs until the end of this month.

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