Government approved about 215 ME straight away to support tourism

Government approved about 215 ME straight away to support tourism

The Government has already approved about 215 million euros of non-refundable support for the tourism sector, of which about 177 million have already been paid, said Economy Minister Siza Vieira today.

“For the tourism sector, we have already approved around 215 million euros of non-refundable support, of which about 177 million have already been paid”, under the scope of the program, said the Minister of State, Economy and Transition Digital, Pedro Siza Vieira, who participated in the webinar "O Estado do Turismo", promoted by the Confederation of Tourism of Portugal (CTP).

According to the government official, in the total amount of support made available, including support for employment and 'lay-off' in the tourism sector, the value exceeds 2,200 million euros.

Siza Vieira recognized, however, that the impact of the third wave of the pandemic will be negative and, therefore, it will be necessary “Maintain and strengthen support for employment and the economy”.

In the specific case of tourism, the current epidemiological situation in Portugal also has impacts from the point of view of international visibility and, therefore, it will be necessary to think about how to “invest in the promotion and recovery” of the country's image.

“We believe that we will now continue to use the funds from the next multi-annual framework, PT2030, if you want, to continue to support the qualification of the offer [turística], product structuring and diversification in the near future ”, pointed out, also the Minister of Economy.

Believing that tourism demand will resume as soon as the epidemiological situation is under control, Siza Vieira stressed that this will force the extension and reinforcement of support to companies, being important “to continue to work also in managing your debt and default” and continue to direct support to business investment and external promotion ”, so that companies can position themselves in the face of structural changes that may arise in the tourism sector.

In his speech to open the 'webinar', the president of CTP, Francisco Calheiros, reiterated the call to the Government to take into account 10 measures that the confederation considers necessary for the sector, such as the continuation of measures to support employment until, at least, at the end of the year, extending them to all companies with lost revenues, the financial reinforcement of the program and the extension of the terms of the tax and financial moratoriums.

CTP also defended that there should be no discrimination between large and small companies in terms of access to support, the expansion of measures to export companies, the creation of a legal framework and preventive measures so that entrepreneurs "know with what count "and capitalization measures.

Finally, CTP stressed the need to create a one-stop shop where companies – mainly micro and small companies, with less resources – can go and have all the information necessary to access support measures within the scope of covid-19 .


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