Government approves diploma that creates simplified support for microenterprises

Government approves diploma that creates simplified support for microenterprises

The Government approved yesterday a diploma that creates a simplified support for micro-companies in crisis situations, which consists of the attribution of two minimum wages per worker paid in the first semester, through the maintenance of jobs.

The Government had already announced its intention to maintain or update in 2021 a set of measures to support companies 'treasury, employment and workers' income, and in this context the creation of simplified support for micro-enterprises in a situation of business crisis arises, having in mind with a view to maintaining jobs.

The communiqué of the Council of Ministers does not detail information about the measure, but in December, at a press conference on the presentation of support for the first six months of 2021, Economy Minister Siza Vieira said that micro-companies with a break in revenue over 25% would have support equivalent to two national minimum wages per worker, paid in two installments in the first half of this year.

Beneficiary companies are prohibited from dismissing workers, namely through collective dismissal and extinction of jobs up to two months after the end of support.

On the occasion, Siza Vieira referred that this measure had been designed after the social partners had indicated the difficulties of many micro-companies in managing the working time within the scope of the measure to support the progressive recovery.

In this context, he said that small companies will be able to choose between maintaining support for the progressive recovery or moving to this new simplified support.


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