"Government blackmail with PCP will not work", communists stress – The Economic Journal

"Government blackmail with PCP will not work", communists stress - The Economic Journal

João Oliveira reacted to the speech of António Costa stating that "what was discussed and approved yesterday in the education commission is precisely the solution for teachers because only in relation to teachers, within the special careers, there is a decree-law," he explains. "In relation to other workers in other special careers, this guarantee of career progression must also be ensured by virtue of their diplomas".

When asked if the end of the contraption would influence the position of the PCP – which voted in favor of the approval of the thawing of careers – Oliveira said that the communist party will not enter "in the game of letting condition our position of replacement of rights that were cut by the government, "reinforcing the idea that" government blackmail with the PCP will not work. "

The Ministry of Finance expects that the thaw in the teaching career corresponds to an increase in expenditure of 574 million euros per year until 2023. Each teacher represents an increase in the average salary of 15%, equivalent to 309 euros gross per month, between 2018 and 2023. With the thawing, about 20,000 teachers pass to the last step, earning around 3,364.63 euros per month.

Regarding the financial sustainability of this measure, the PCP states that "the Government has no basis in support for the forecasts of budgetary impact it has presented, and this has become clear over time," he argues. "These are fictional figures that the Government uses only to condition the judgment that people make on this matter."

"Even if these predictions were true, we wonder: why do 600 million workers' rights condition government action, but 800 million of the New Bank do not condition? Why? "Said the MP of the PCP.

This Thursday, the Committee on Education and Science approved the guarantee of full-time recognition of teachers' service that was frozen, with the Socialist Party (PS) vote against. This was one of the demands of the trade unions since November 2017, which has always been rejected by the Government and which must now be enshrined in the new decree that will replace the government decree that recognizes the recovery of about two years, nine months and 18 days.

The amendments adopted in the area also provide for the recovery of two years, nine months and 18 days to be applied to all teachers from 1 January this year. However, the remuneration effects and budgetary impact of the measure were postponed to 2020. The measure was approved with the votes in favor of the PSD and CDS, the abstention of PCP and BE, and the PS vote against.

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