Government confirms maximum capacity of 27,500 spectators at the Portuguese F1 GP

Government confirms maximum capacity of 27,500 spectators at the Portuguese F1 GP

The Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will be played between Friday and Sunday, at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA) will have a maximum capacity of 27,500 spectators, according to the government dispatch today published in Diário da República.

“Since the total capacity of the AIA is around 90 thousand seats, and taking into account the current epidemiological situation, the authorized seating capacity for this specific event is 27,500 seats, distributed by independent benches, with a variable occupancy capacity and divided by sectors of about 800 people ”, it reads in the document.

This had been the number put forward by the AIA administrator, Paulo Pinheiro, on Sunday, in statements to the Lusa agency, after around 46 thousand tickets were put up for sale.

The order dated Monday and signed by the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, and the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, authorizes the holding of the Grand Prix and defines the rules for the presence of the public, in order to contain infections by the new coronavirus.

Within the scope of the measures published today, in view of the country's calamity situation, decreed between 15 and 31 October, the Government determined that “Only seating is allowed”, being “Prohibited circulation between benches, as well as between sectors of the same bench” and the consumption of alcoholic beverages, both on the premises and in the accesses – catering establishments are not allowed.

“The entrance and exit of the public from each stand is made through different accesses, avoiding the crossing of flows of people and guaranteeing a minimum distance of two meters between spectators”, refers the dispatch, delimiting the parking to the indicated places.

In addition to these spaces in the enclosure and in the surrounding area, the Government limited public transport to 50 people by bus, from four car parks: two in Portimão-Praia da Rocha (capacity up to 2,600 vehicles), next to the old 'retail park '(up to 2,000) and at BurroVille (up to 2,400).

"The present order takes effect on the date of its signature, and it can be revised until the date of the test, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation", concluded the Government.

On Tuesday, in a statement, the AIA confirmed the removal of pedestrian spaces, admitting several solutions for the holders of these tickets.

The Formula 1 World Championship returns to Portugal 24 years later, this time to the Algarve circuit, which will host the Portuguese Grand Prix between Friday and Sunday, the day of the 12th race of the season.


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