Government considers that there is no reason for PCP and Bloc to request labor law enforcement – Jornal Económico

After the PCP, the Left Bloc and The Greens announce that they will request the Constitutional Court to review changes to the Labor Code, the Government considers that there is no reason for this request for review.

The Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Vieira da Silva, said on Tuesday, August 20, that the “agreement was concluded a little over a year ago” and that he is “convinced that the reasons for the President of the Republic to promulgate, are based on the opinion that is also ours ”. "The creation of a 180-day trial period, which already exists for other professionals, does not clash with any constitutional process," said the Labor Minister.

The minister assumed that the increase in the trial period is encompassed by the amendment of the Labor Code, from the previous 90 days to 180 days. “We are transforming a true trial period, which often took years, into a 180-day trial period,” said Vieira da Silva. Thus, this is “as an incentive to hiring without term, whenever conditions advise it”.

In terms of this trial period improving conditions for the worker, Vieira da Silva states that “it was sufficient reason to hire long-term jobseekers,” something that could “be repeated for years” and be possible".

"This is a structural change, perhaps the biggest change in what is the relationship between term work and term contracts," said the Minister of Labor. "We know that young people, until today, were in a situation of having a professional internship, then a false green receipt and then a term contract," admitted the minister, maintaining that they were often in this position "10 or more years, until they succeeded. enter the labor market ”.

Thus, the trend “is for more permanent contracts to grow”, since “in these 350 thousand jobs that were created in net terms, correspond to permanent contracts about 92%”.

Asked what prevented entities from entering into fixed-term contracts after the end of the probationary period, Vieira da Silva stated that “this law does not prohibit fixed-term contracts”, which are justified “in minority situations of seasonal work or overtime. for companies ”. If they opt for these contracts, the employer may hire the worker “for a maximum of two years and with other restrictions”.

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