Government decreases number of exclusive posts to priority supply – The Economic Journal

The Minister of Environment and Energy Transition announced on Friday that he will reduce the stations of the exclusive Emergency Station Network (REPA) – where only priority vehicles can supply – from 52 to 26, thus making it more affordable. to the general population.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes, who made the latest strike strike at 12:30 pm, said there were eleven Armed Forces teams in operation and 12 drivers were notified today by the Republican National Guard for failing to comply with the civilian requirement, eventually going to work. usually after the warning.

"Order has been maintained and without violence," João Pedro Matos Fernandes told reporters. “It is important to praise the enormous civility of the Portuguese during this strike, the security forces and the three branches of the Armed Forces. These have been hard days, ”the official told the media.

The minister also noted that the exclusive REPA stations in the country are located mainly in areas where there is a risk of fire.

At REPA stations, stock continues to rise, with 63% diesel and 45% gasoline. In the Algarve there is 38% gasoline 59% gas oils, which means that the “values ​​are comparable to those of the rest of the country”, according to the Environment Minister, who was accompanied in this briefing by the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba.

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