Government decrees energy crisis three days before driver strike kicks off – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Cristóvão Norte demands preventive measures for Algarve to face driver strike - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Council of Ministers today declared the situation of energy crisis, until August 21, for the entire national territory, in order to guarantee "essential services of public interest and the fundamental needs of the population" in the face of the strike of drivers of hazardous materials.

The government has mandated the implementation of a number of exceptional measures, including “ensuring, as of 23:59 hours on 11 August 2019, fuel levels” at filling stations within the Strategic Gas Station Network (REPA). ).

Hazardous drivers' strike kicks off next Monday, 12. Professionals call for their salaries and other perks to be raised.

REPA integrates fuel stations for priority entities and non-exclusive fuel stations for priority entities and similar vehicles, and may also supply the general public with a maximum of 15 liters per supply.

The government had already decreed, two days ago, that the minimum services expected for the strike period will be 100% in the case of posts inserted in the network.

The Algarve will have 22 public service stations within REPA, as well as four priority vehicle stations.

The government has determined that non-exclusive fuel stations are required to reserve, for the exclusive use of priority entities and similar vehicles, and for each fuel type at least one supply unit as well as defined quantities of product.

At filling stations outside REPA, 25 and 100 liters are set as the maximum volume of petrol or diesel that can be supplied to each light and heavy vehicle respectively.



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