Government discusses infrastructure in Sines

Government discusses infrastructure in Sines

The Mayor of Sines, Nuno Mascarenhas, participated in a meeting with several members of the Government and representatives of companies on the prospects for infrastructure development for the municipality.

The meeting, which took place through digital platforms, was attended by three secretaries of state: Eurico Brilhante Dias (Internationalization); Alberto Souto de Miranda (Deputy and Communications, who oversees the ports); and Jorge Delgado (Infrastructures).

The vice-president of Infrastructures of Portugal and the presidents of the Administration of the Port of Sines and aicep Global Parques (manager of the Industrial and Logistics Zone of Sines) also participated, as well as several companies of the port and industrial ecosystem of Sines; such as PSA (Terminal XXI concessionaire), Indorama, Repsol
Polymers, Air Liquide, Euroresinas and Embraer, the latter headquartered in Évora.

"In discussion was the planning of essential infrastructures for the development of the port, logistical and industrial complex in Sines, as well as the investments that the various installed companies foresee for the short and medium term", says the municipality source.

According to the autarchy, “the Government has inscribed in the“ PNI – National Investment Plan 2030 ”funds allocated to new infrastructures that will serve Sines, namely the connection from the A26 to the A2, the rail connection to the South line, and above all port investments in expansion of Terminal XXI and the future Vasco da Gama Terminal, in addition to the expansion of the ZAL – Zone of Logistics Activities and various investments in the area of ​​LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas ».

«The Government's initiative to discuss with institutions and companies is very positive. That it does so in a political perspective and dimension, mobilizing three Secretaries of State, is a sign that investment in the infrastructures indispensable for the development of the Industrial, Logistic and Port Complex of Sines is at the top of the agenda », says the mayor of Lisbon. Sines.

Nuno Mascarenhas also points out that "the Government must be aware that the success of the Sines Complex is vital for national economic growth, namely the competitive insertion of our country in the European and global trade in energy and goods".

«We will continue to follow this theme, with a special commitment to the motorway connection from Sines to the A2, not forgetting the improvement of the rail freight connection, which is essential for the competitiveness of the Port of Sines. It is incomprehensible that the largest port and the largest national industrial zone, 40 years after its creation, do not yet have adequate infrastructure. I believe that with this Government a unique opportunity has been created to fill this gap and thus also relaunch the economy of the region and the country, ”concludes Nuno Mascarenhas.


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