Government expands universe of companies that can benefit from the Apoiar program

Government expands universe of companies that can benefit from the Apoiar program

The Government has decided to expand the universe of companies that can be covered by the Apoiar program, having also reduced, with conditions, some of the current restrictions, such as the requirement of positive equity or the absence of debts to the State.

These changes were announced today by the Minister of State and Economy, Pedro Siza Viera, at a press conference to present measures to support companies, which was attended by the Minister of Labor, Ana Mendes Godinho, and the presidents of the Confederations of Tourism and Trade and Services.

Through the Support program, micro and small companies have access to support, a non-refundable subsidy due to the break in turnover, but the measure did not include medium-sized companies or individual entrepreneurs (ENI) without organized accounting.

With the new costume approved by the Government, the measure is extended to medium-sized companies and companies with more than 250 workers, but less than 50 million euros of annual turnover, up to a maximum value of 100 thousand euros of support per company.

In the case of ENI without organized accounting with dependent workers, support can go up to 3 thousand euros per company.

In the rules currently in force, the support limit is 7,500 euros in the case of micro-enterprises and 40,000 euros in small companies.

In addition, and according to Pedro Siza Vieira, companies that had negative equity at the end of 2019 are now allowed to access this non-repayable support, “upon presentation of an interim balance sheet that demonstrates capitalization”.

Companies with tax or contributory debts will also be able to apply for the Apoiar program, this application being subject to the condition of regularizing the missing amounts.

Since it was launched, the Apoiar program has received more than 35,800 applications, for a total of 339 million euros. In the case of catering companies, more than 162 million of these non-repayable grants have already been approved.

The minister also said that support of 137 million euros had already been communicated and payments were made to 10,416 companies, in the amount of 57.9 million euros.


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