Government foresees transfer of VAT revenue to regional tourism entities – The Economic Journal

Government foresees transfer of VAT revenue to regional tourism entities - The Economic Journal

The preliminary version of the next year's State Budget, in the fiscal part, provides for a transfer of value added tax (VAT) for the development of tourism
regional level, without quantifying the value of this transfer, in the document to which the Economic Journal had access.

The draft law, in the chapter on the Legislative Authorizations in the area of ​​VAT, states that "VAT transfer to regional tourism entities [cujo valor está em branco no documento a que o Jornal Económico teve acesso]"Is made from the budget of the subsector State
for the Tourism of Portugal, I. P "

The document further states that "revenue to be transferred to regional tourism entities under the previous number is distributed based on the criteria defined in Law 33/2013, of May 16, that
establishes the juridical regime of the regional areas of tourism of mainland Portugal, its delimitation and characteristics, as well as the legal regime of the organization and operation of regional tourism entities.

This law states that for the purposes of organizing tourism planning for mainland Portugal, five regional tourism areas are considered. "There are five regional tourism entities corresponding to each of the regional areas defined in the previous article and each of the NUTS II units."

The same law states that the member of the Government responsible for the area of ​​tourism may contract with the regional tourism entities or, in a defined territorial scope, with associations of private law whose object is the tourist activity, the exercise of activities and the realization of central government projects ". This "contracting with associations of private law that have as object the tourist activity is preceded by consultation to the general assembly of the regional tourism entity of the corresponding area".

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