Government meets with unions until April 26 to negotiate inspection careers in Public Administration – The Economic Journal

Government meets with unions until April 26 to negotiate inspection careers in Public Administration - The Economic Journal

"Within the framework of the Public Administration policy axes included in the Government's program – the valorisation of workers, the improvement of working environments and the modernization of public management – a general diploma was approved that establishes the regime of special careers of sectoral inspections, "the Ministry of Finance said in a statement regarding the meetings that will take place between April 18 and 26 between the government and trade unions to negotiate inspection careers in the Public Administration.

The Executive explains that "the various members of the Government of their respective areas of government will hold sectoral meetings to negotiate the diplomas in question, from April 18 to 26," in order to complete this process as soon as possible. "

This law establishes and regulates, in a uniform way, nine special careers of inspection, to which the approximately 700 workers of careers that are extinguished transit, determining also the subsistence of two careers, explains the Government.

Roads to create
The careers to be created are the special careers of game inspection of the Institute of Tourism of Portugal I.P; Institute of Social Security, I.P. (ISS, I.P.); of the Institute of Financial Management of Social Security, I.P. (IGFSS, I.P.); of the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT); of the Agency for Development and Cohesion, I.P (Agency, I.P.); Institute of Public Markets; Real Estate and Construction, I.P. (IMPIC, I.P.); veterinary inspection of the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary (DGAV); Fisheries Inspection Office of the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM); ship inspection and maritime safety.

The following are related to auxiliary inspector of solidarity and social security of ISS, I.P. and deputy inspector of the DGRM, "given the specific nature of the matter", explains the Government.

"Thus, with this diploma and with the revision of the ASAE inspection careers operated by Decree-Law no. 74/2018, of September 21, the Government concludes the processes of reviewing the sector inspection careers, under the terms established by Decree-Law no. 170/2009, of August 3, and which were to be reviewed since 2009 ".

In this framework, collective bargaining regarding the revision of the careers of the Tax and Customs Authority is also ongoing, and it is in the public hearing stage, after publication in the Work and Employment Bulletin.
This review process will cover the termination of ten and the creation of two careers, the special career of management and tax and customs inspection and the special career of inspection and tax and customs audit, in a clear effort to simplify and modernize careers, some of which have standards dating back to 1968.

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