Government of Madeira expropriates land in the amount of 108 thousand euros for New Hospital – O Jornal Económico

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The Government of Madeira decided in a governing council to expropriate a land worth 108 thousand euros with a view to the construction of the New Hospital.

The government council approved the sale of six public real estate properties worth € 2.7 million and gave a positive endorsement to the signing of 22 sports development program contracts (CPDD) of PRAD 2017 / 2018, in the amount of 564 thousand euros.

It was also authorized to the entities that are part of the education and training system, within the framework of Madeira 14-20, within the framework of the program "Madeira 14-20", a financing system, which allows for advances of up to 30% of the public funding for each of the approved funding years.

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