Government pays 5.5 million euros this month to the seriously injured of the fires of 2017 – The Jornal Econômico

Government pays 5.5 million euros this month to the seriously injured of the fires of 2017 - The Jornal Econômico

A portion of the severe fire injuries of 2017 in the Central region have already received compensation amounting to almost 800 thousand euros, with a further 5.5 million euros expected next week, the Government of António Costa.

"Regarding the first and second packages were paid today [sexta-feira] compensations amounting to € 799,922.07, "an official source in the finance minister's office told the Lusa news agency.

The same source from Mário Centeno's ministry added that during the "next week is expected to pay all of the first two packages as well as part of the proceedings of the third package in the amount of 5,550,000 euros."

The explanations of the Ministry of Finance were provided following a news from Radio Renascença, according to which, almost two years after the fires, "of the 73 victims, eight still await definition of compensation and completion of the bureaucratic process."

The first payments began on Thursday and with the next installment of 5.5 million euros, which covers part of the third compensation package, the payments "cover 68 of the victims."

In August 2018, the Justice Department announced the admission of 188 of the 195 claims for the victims of the fires in June and October 2017 and advanced with a two million euro interim payment to the 61 citizens who had received the qualification of "Serious injuries". In a note to the media, Maria Lúcia Amaral explained that the payment of interim compensations to the seriously injured of the fires that caused more than 100 deaths was aimed at "minimizing the damage always increased by any delay and the need to guarantee an adequate, just and equitable treatment" .

"At this moment, the global value of the interim compensation amounts to two million euros," Maria Lúcia Amaral stressed at the time. The amount then advanced to each serious injury resulted "from the clinical evaluation in the three parameters that, in the light of the established criteria, have a minimum known quantification: biological damage, pain and aesthetic damage," explained the same note.

The prime minister's office, quoted by the Renaissance, revealed that a total of 10.653 million euros will be paid to the seriously injured of the Pedrógão Grande and October 2017 fires.

According to information from António Costa's office, in relation to interim payments, "the amount to be paid in advance will be charged to the amount finally fixed, if the interested party agrees with it and, in case of disagreement and recourse to the judicial process, it will be deducted from the indemnifying value in which the State is condemned ".

In terms of methodology, three packages of terms of acceptance of the families were defined: two closed in March and one closed in early April. As for the dead, the process is complete, with payment of compensation to relatives of 115 people, in the total amount of 30,956,987 euros.

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