Government receives union today to resume negotiations with Antram – O Jornal Económico

The meeting, scheduled for 4:00 pm at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing in Lisbon, will take place after, on Sunday, in a plenary session in Aveiras de Cima (Lisbon), the union decided to call off a seven-day strike. .

However, in the motion passed during the plenary, the drivers decided to mandate union leadership to take measures such as "calling strikes at overtime, weekends and holidays" if Antram "demonstrates an uncompromising stance."

On Monday, SNMMP said in a statement that the strike ended without having “yet” produced the intended results and considered that, despite the progress made, “the foundations” for the negotiation “are still far” from what is needed.

"The Government has announced that it is paving the way for a new negotiating round, which we will not turn our back on," the SNMMP said in the document, considering that "it was clear" that the starting point for mediation is "above" that of it was before the strike.

“We want to negotiate and, to that end, we will fulfill the conditions required for mediation to come together with all parties, but we cannot lie to our associates and the country: the foundations for this negotiation are still far from what we need to do so. dangerous cargo drivers can live with dignity, ”the union said on Monday.

For its part, Antram welcomed the strike on Sunday and expressed its willingness to listen to SNMMP's "legitimate claims", but to the extent tolerable by the transport companies.

Speaking to CMTV, Antram spokesman André Matias de Almeida stressed that companies “cannot accept salary increases” that could represent “mass collective redundancies” or “company closures”.

Early in the early hours of Saturday, following the failure of a 10-hour meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Antram considered the proposal then defended by the union to be "unbearable to business" and discriminatory to workers affiliated with other unions. .

“The increase that the union wants, besides being unbearable, is discriminatory compared to Fectrans associate colleagues [federação sindical afeta à CGTP) e do SIMM [Sindicato Independente dos Motoristas de Mercadorias]”Antram spokesman then told Lusa.

André Matias de Almeida said that the agreement reached on May 17 includes an “operating subsidy (hazardous material handling risk subsidy) to be in force for 2020 for hazardous material workers”.

"SNMMP's proposal was to increase this operating subsidy 40% above the May protocol, in the amount of 125 euros," said the representative of Antram.

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