Government recommendation to assist municipalities in social housing approved – O Jornal Económico

The recommendation to the Government to “endow” municipalities with legal and financial instruments in affordable income projects, presented by the movement of the Mayor of Porto, was approved with 15 abstentions from the CDU and the PS.

The document approved this Wednesday at the extraordinary session of the Porto Municipal Assembly received the favorable votes of the PAN, PSD, CDU and BE.

In a session dedicated, by proposal of the Left Bloc (BE), to public housing policies in the municipality of Porto, the group 'Porto, Our Party' recommends that the Government "endow" instruments and financing "not less than 50% ”The municipalities that are available to make affordable projects.

"Porto is one of the Portuguese cities with the highest percentage of inhabitants living in social housing, with about 13% of its building dedicated to municipal housing with income support," said Deputy Raúl de Almeida.

During his speech, Raúl de Almeida stressed that from 2014 to 2018 the municipal budget spent “close to 85 million euros” on social housing.

In addition to this investment, the deputy stressed that from 2014 to 2019 the program ‘Porto Solidário’ supported 2,400 needy families, in a financing "over five million euros".

According to the deputy, considering that "other housing shortages" were identified, the municipality of Porto has recently launched "various affordable housing construction programs", which are "dubbed by the Government as a new generation of housing policies".

“Currently, the new generation of housing policies does not foresee any non-repayable financing so that, again in partnership with the municipalities, affordable, public construction projects such as what the municipality of Porto projects for Lordelo can be financed ”, He stressed.

In his turn, the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, considered that this recommendation will require the government to "give the same consideration" to municipalities that, like Porto, invest in social housing.

“Since I have been here six years ago, money has not seen, legislative production, this I have seen, I see quote the Constitution in an extraordinary way. Peace, bread, housing, health and housing, all right. And money? ”He concluded.

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