Government "regrets the declarations" of the mayor of Viseu on the IP3 – The Economic Newspaper

The Government has publicly lamented the statements of the mayor of Viseu on the requalification and duplication of the road IP3, whose completion is expected for 2021.

"The Government, through the Ministry of Infrastructures and Housing, regrets the statements of the Mayor of Viseu on the requalification and duplication of the IP3," according to a statement from the Ministry of Infrastructures and Housing released this Friday , June 14.

Mayor Almeida Henriques (PSD) demanded an apology from Prime Minister António Costa to the viseensess "for having deceived them" due to the delay in the works of requalification of the road that connects the district of Viseu to Coimbra.

"If the technicians of the Infrastructures of Portugal said that the project will be finished at the best of the end of 2021, this worries a lot because it is two years from now and then it is necessary to launch the tender and award. And let's say that there is another legislature to life and we will penalize and be once again deceived, "said the official quoted by the Journal of the Center.

In reaction to these statements, the tutelage of Pedro Nuno Santos said that the government and the prime minister "do not care less about the viseenses than mr. mayor. It was, moreover, with this executive that passed from promise to reality, in what concerns the requalification and duplication of IP3 concerns ".

"If by 2015 there were only intentions, with this government, and this Prime Minister, the action was taken. The whole process was initiated and developed, which will finally put an end to the "years of sacrifice" of the populations, "it can be read in the communiqué of the guardianship.

"The moment chosen by the President of the Chamber to make these statements coincides precisely with the beginning of the works, which have been claimed and delayed for so many years. The importance of the way to the day-to-day of the populations implies that the work is done in a phased way, as, incidentally, is known to mr. mayor, "the government says.

According to the guardianship, "while the works are taking place on the section between the Penacova node and the Lagoa Azul node, all the procedures necessary for the rest of the route are being carried out in parallel. The whole process is proceeding as quickly as possible within the current legal framework, which imposes deadlines that have to be naturally fulfilled. "

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