Government reinforces forest defense with 20 M € – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Government reinforces forest defense with 20 M € - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Applications are already open for the support provided by the Government to reinforce forest protection against damage caused by biotic agents (pests and diseases), according to the Government in a statement.

Twenty million euros is the value of the tender to support investments in the prevention and control of harmful biotic agents with a relevant territorial scale, and limited to certain critical priority areas, for wild pine, meadow pine, cork oak and holm oak, chestnut and eucalyptus.

The priority areas are identified in the notice of competition and among the plagues covered are the pine processionary, the chestnut gall wasp, the eucalyptus weevil and the pine wood nematode.

Funded by the Rural Development Program-PDR2020, the competition is distributed by five forest systems:

  • pinheiro bravo – eight million euros
  • meek pine – three million euros
  • cork oak and holm oak – five million euros
  • chestnut tree – two million euros
  • eucalyptus – two million euros

Each beneficiary can submit up to three applications, one per forest system. In the case of mixed stands, with the exception of the cork oak and holmwood forest system, two applications may be submitted, one for each species.

The Forest Intervention Zone Managers and the Waste Management Entities may submit three applications for each ZIF and for each waste unit, respectively. Also public bodies may submit three applications for each National Forest and for each forest perimeter.

The notice can be found on the PDR 2020 portal, through which applications can also be formalized until June 28.



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