Government releases four million euros to modernize emergency line 112 – O Jornal Económico

The Government has approved an expenditure of 3.98 million euros, which will add the value of VAT, to "upgrade the four operational centers of 112, and their corrective and evolutionary maintenance", according to the publication in Diário da Republic. The expenditure resolution had already been approved by the Council of Ministers on August 22.

In Diário da República clarifies that the expense will be applied over three years in the operational centers. The contract for the North and South 112 operational centers, which were awarded to consortia, will expire this year, and this will have led the government to move forward with the authorization for a new modernization expenditure.

With the termination of the 51-month contract between Intergrapf, Fujitsu and Papti, “it is necessary to upgrade two operating centers technologically and to provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to ensure continued operating conditions of the system. , as well as proceed to the technological integration of the solution in operation in the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira in the current system in production, ”reads the publication of the Diário da República, this Wednesday.

The objective of this modernization is to provide Portugal “with a unique platform 112 at national level, with the availability of all services to the population at any of the public safety points for the next 36 months”, the resolution sustains.

It is known that the modernization will be awarded to the same consortium, as it is “the holder of the exclusive rights to commercialize, maintain and service the hardware and software components of the current technology”. Thus, this is “the only entity that brings together the necessary technical skills and knowledge to upgrade technology and provide maintenance services” to ensure full system availability.

For the current year, an expenditure of € 72,935 is foreseen, while most of the money will be spent next year. Expenditure of over € 2.23 million is expected in 2020. For 2021, an expenditure of over 875 thousand euros is foreseen, and for 2022 an expenditure of more than 802 thousand euros is foreseen.

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