Government says that "more than 90%" of the 164 valuation measures of the Interior are concluded – The Economic Journal

Government says that "more than 90%" of the 164 valuation measures of the Interior are concluded - The Economic Journal

The government said Friday that "more than 90%" of the 164 measures put forward to support the development of the country's innermost regions are now complete. The Secretary of State for the Appreciation of the Interior, João Paulo Catarino, underlines that this is one of the Government's plans and a new package of measures for valorization and job creation in the Interior is already being prepared.

"We are aware that people will only go to these territories if they can be carried out personally and professionally and therefore there must be employment. It is a right that is very important to attract new settlers, "said João Paulo Catarino, in an intervention at the observatory" The opportunities of interiority ", promoted by Jornal Económico in partnership with Crédito Agrícola, which will take place this Friday in Castelo Branco.

The Secretary of State explained that the Government has sought to make investment in the Interior more attractive to companies by facilitating access to community funds and aid in the licensing process. At the same time, the Executive of António Costa has been working on the requalification and enhancement of the natural capital of the Interior and improving the quality of public services and is already preparing more measures to enhance the interior regions of the country.

"The proximity and the guarantee that the people who live in these territories have the same quality and proximity to the public service is one of the Government's plans," he reiterated. "It is also a design of this Government not to close public services in the Interior."

João Paulo Catarino also said that the Interior was "highly penalized by the measures taken by the previous Government, because it did not guard the tax issue and led to the Interior being doubly penalized." At stake is a package of tax benefits to support interiority, which had to be discontinued with the arrival of the troika to Portugal.

"[O pacote] ended up being extinguished with two disadvantages: we can not put them back without authorization from the European Union, which is a major obstacle to discriminatory tax policies for the Interior. Then, we subjected the country to a brutal increase in taxes, forgetting that we subjected the Interior to a double tax increase, because we ended with tax refunds, "said João Paulo Catarino.

The governor noted, however, that in the State Budget for 2019 (OE2019), the tax issue of the Interior has not been forgotten. João Paulo Catarino said that the OE2019 is expected to reinforce contractual fiscal benefits in the Interior (extended by 20% for companies that settle in the Interior) and a reinforcement of tax benefits to investment in the Interior. There is also an increase of some support, namely for the leasing of young people who come to study for the educational institutions of the Interior.

Along the way, in the Government's plans was the return of the IRC due to the increase in the wage bill, "which could lead companies to have an IRC at 0 if they increase their payroll." João Paulo Catarino recalled that the measure was called in the Assembly of the Republic by parties that "talk so much in the Interior."

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