"Government threats are intolerable." Santana Lopes overheard drivers on strike – Jornal Económico

Pedro Santana Lopes, leader of the Alliance, was today in Aveiras de Cima to hear from the leaders of the National Union of Dangerous Drivers, and stressed that “the government's public threats to drivers are intolerable”.

The former prime minister and candidate for the leadership of the PSD did not challenge the civil request instituted by the government on Monday but said there was "a lot of government propaganda" on this issue "as it did with teachers."

For Santana Lopes, "there is clear political advantage" since the prime minister "has been riding this wave."

This morning, the Alliance said it condemned the “alarmist stance” adopted by the government of António Costa, who said it was at the root of fuel shortages in various parts of the country, even before the strike began. The party led by Pedro Santana Lopes recognizes the legitimate right to strike, but stresses that failure to comply with minimum services should lead to immediate civil requisition.

“The Alliance considers that non-compliance with the established minimum services should lead to immediate civil requisition by the Government, without delay, considering the best interests of the Portuguese. Exceptionally, exceptional measures are required, especially when they call into question or seriously undermine the fundamental rights of other citizens, ”reads a statement issued by the party on the drivers' strike that kicked off Monday.

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