Government to install 150 telephone booths in prisons – The Economic Journal

Government to install 150 telephone booths in prisons - The Economic Journal

The Justice Minister said today that the use of illegal mobile phones in prisons is bad and "can not happen," and announced that the Government is negotiating the installation of 150 telephone booths in prisons.

"It is bad for the prison system's point of view and for the idea of ​​security inside, it is bad and it can not happen," Francisca Van Dunem told reporters on the sidelines of his visit to the Commerce Court of Lagoa, in the district of Faro.

According to the minister, in order to prevent prisoners from using unauthorized mobile phones within the prison system, as happened recently with an inmate who filmed and disseminated images taken inside the Linhó Prison (Sintra), the Government has devised solutions: installation of telephone booths and the use of predefined numbers during certain periods.

"At the moment we are negotiating 150 telephone booths, something that is no longer used, inside the prisons, to allow people to contact and not have to resort to other types of methods," said the minister.

For Francisca Van Dunem, the other measure is the permission to use mobile phones "with fixed numbers, by which people can call during a period".

She acknowledged that prisoners have an authorized short contact time with telephones, defending an alteration of that time "to combat the illegal entry of communication devices into jails."

"It is obvious that there is only traffic where there is need and what needs to be done is to end the need to traffic," said the minister, adding that the devices used by inmates "are instruments that are small in size and easily bought" .

According to Francisca Van Dunem, "it is a problem that can only be tackled in ways that prevent or make it less profitable to use these instruments clandestinely."

She said that the detection of communication devices "is not always easy, and what has been done are searches inside the prisons and disciplinary procedures applied to the people involved."

She said that the prison system "is better today", although there are still problems, not only with mobile phones but also with drug trafficking.

"We have had the problem of drug trafficking in the chains for a long time and to fight we have to block the new forms that are appearing and trigger the mechanisms that lead to unpopular searches to detect these types of products," he said.

For the governor, the techniques and modus operandi of criminal groups change as the police detect them, and the government has "identified solutions that may not end with this, but that will surely mitigate them."

"With regard to narcotic drugs is to continue to understand what the new entry channels are, and to be able to prevent and anticipate forms of entry and reinforce surveillance at entry level and then, of course, to crack down on situations where to identify situations in which there is drug trafficking, "he concluded.

The Minister of Justice traveled to the Algarve Commercial Court today, where she was expected by two dozen judicial officials in protest against what they say is the "lack of dialogue" of the Ministry on the revision of the status of these professionals. justice sector and by strengthening staff in the courts.

At the end of the visit, Francisca Van Dunem accompanied by the Secretary of State for Justice addressed the group, having heard the claims, indicating that the Government is attentive and "working to solve the problems of the sector."

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