Government to launch new SIMPLEX + package in the area of ​​economic agents' oversight – Jornal Econômico

Government approves 15 experimental innovation projects to simplify public management - Jornal Econômico

The Government will launch next Monday a new package of measures aimed at simplifying and reducing bureaucracy in the area of ​​the surveillance of economic agents. Among the measures to be announced is the creation of an "ASAE seal" to encourage compliance with the legislation, and the "One-time inspection" project to harmonize the performance of the inspectors.

"Within the ambit of the economic relaunch, it is urgent that companies focus on the relevant aspects of their activity and that efficiency gains should be promoted by reducing the costs of context, administrative simplification and reduction of bureaucracy, especially given that the Portuguese business community consists essentially of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, "the Ministry of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization said in a statement.

With this, the government's areas of Economy and Presidency and Administrative Modernization will present next Monday, in the Hall of the Ministry of Economy, four SIMPLEX + measures related to the inspection of economic agents, "One-time inspection" "Events inspected at once", "+ Inspection Techniques" and "ASAE Seal".

With the measure "Events inspected at once," the Government intends that "a single interlocutor in the Public Administration interact with the promoters, serve as a point of contact and a link with other entities, avoiding that the economic agent has to contact numerous organisms when preparing events ".

The "ASAE Seal" is a pilot project that will be tested in the area of ​​restoration and aims to "encourage compliance with legislation, encourage good practices and develop self-regulation in businessmen, while also giving consumers information about the establishment ". The seal will be placed in establishments inspected by the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) in which no infractions have been detected.

The "+ Inspection Technical Sheets" will reach the areas of tourism enterprises, the pastry and baking industry, butchers and workshops. The records are provided at the Entrepreneur's Desk and aim to standardize the inspection criteria and make them transparent to the target audience.

The "one-time inspection" measure intends to harmonize the performance of the various supervisory bodies and promote joint control actions of economic agents.

The event will be attended by the Deputy Minister and the Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, the Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, João Torres, and the Assistant Secretary of State and Administrative Modernization, Luís Goes Pinheiro.

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