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Prime Minister António Costa said Thursday that the Government's main concern in revising the health bases law is to end the "misconception" that the National Health Service (SNS) was created to promote the private "In a competitive logic with the public". The leader of the Socialist Executive defends the public management of health units, not ruling out the possibility of "temporarily" making agreements with the private.

"The essential thing to celebrate these 40 years of the NHS is to put an end to the misconception created by the 1990 base law, which saw as a function of the State not the promotion of the public SNS, universal and tendentially free, but which should also be promoted by the private competitive logic with the public. The essential function that we have to achieve with this basic health law is to put an end to this misunderstanding. The NHS is the way in which the State carries out the health service for citizens, "António Costa said in the biweekly debate on Thursday.

António Costa said that "the issue of management is not a central issue, but it is not a minor issue" and that the amendments proposed by the Socialist Party (PS) argue "management should be public, directly assured by the State, without prejudice to be supplemented and temporarily to be contractualized on the basis of public contracts "with private parties.

"We do not renew, finish or create new PPPs in the area of ​​management. We evaluate those that exist and, as a result, we decide, "said the prime minister.

The issue of health is the one that raises most differences between the parties that make up the 'Geringonça'. On the left, the Communist Party (PCP), the Left Block (BE) and the Greens (ENP) reject the management of private health care, considering that this is the right that must be ensured by the public sector. In order to gather a consensus on the left, António Costa stressed the need to lower health care rates and increase accessibility to the NHS.

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