Government wants to know if legislation on hate crimes against migrants is appropriate – The Economic Journal

Speaking to Lusa, the foreign minister indicated that this measure is among the more than 90 that make up the National Plan for the Implementation of the Global Migration Pact, a document approved last week in the Council of Ministers and awaiting publication in the Diário da Republic.

“Just as we should take care of waterproofing our homes, not when it rains, but when it doesn't rain. “You don't have to wait for hate crimes against migrants to see if we are legally protected against them,” said the minister.

According to Santos Silva, the recently approved national plan instructs the Ministry of Justice to assess the adequacy of existing national legislation on this matter.

“We instruct the Ministry of Justice to answer this question: Is our legislation against hate crimes against migrants adequate or needs revision? If you need a review, let's do it, ”he added.

“We are not concerned about the existence of hate crimes against immigrants in Portugal, although we know they already existed. But we are concerned that this hate speech against foreigners, hate speech against immigrants, and we do not want this hate speech in Portugal. And therefore we must defend ourselves and the law is what best defends us, ”concluded Santos Silva.

In recent days, the international news has been marked by news related to hate crimes against migrants following a shooting last Saturday in the US city of El Paso, Texas, near the Mexican border. .

A 21-year-old man, author of a racist and anti-immigrant manifesto mentioning a "Hispanic invasion" of Texas, opened fire on a commercial surface and killed 22 people, mostly Hispanics.

In this manifesto, published in an Internet forum connoted with supremacist groups (8chan), the shooter also praised a massacre that took place last March in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 51 people.

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