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The Portuguese Government will continue the efforts so that the transport drivers of hazardous materials and the National Association of Freight Public Transport Transporters (ANTRAM) understand each other and the strike scheduled for the 23rd is unconvicted.

Asked by Lusa, official source of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Housing assured that the "Government is in contact" with the parties involved in the negotiation, noting that the executive "will continue efforts to get the parties to understand each other and the strike be called off."

On Wednesday, the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) struck a new strike with effect from May 23,

"The president of the union [Francisco São Bento] will send a notice of strike with effect from May 23 at midnight and a minute until the situation is resolved, "Pedro Pardal Henriques told RTP, vice president of the union structure.

The trade unionist believes that ANTRAM violated "the principles of good business faith", adding that the union structure will not allow more time for employers.

On Tuesday, after a negotiating round, ANTRAM had announced that the employers' association and the union had agreed a social peace pact for a period of 30 days.

On the table, according to the union, was a new salary proposal "very close" of 1,200 euros.

ANTRAM's vice-president, Pedro Polonio, responded at the time of his "duty of secrecy" not to advance values, but pointed out that the proposal was "substantially different" from the one initially presented.

On Wednesday, ANTRAM considered that the union of drivers of dangerous goods had a "clear change of position" after presenting a counterproposal of 700 euros of base salary, lower than the 1,200 initially claimed by these workers.

In a statement, ANTRAM said it will not comment further on the negotiations with the drivers' union of dangerous goods.

ANTRAM said in a statement issued on Wednesday evening that "it was not intended to hinder or prejudice the ongoing negotiations with this union in a bona fide business climate."

"ANTRAM will only once again report on the proposal that was presented to its members in person at the meetings that will take place next week, as well as to SNMMP [Sindicato Nacional de Motoristas de Matérias Perigosas] in the meetings that will take place later, "he says.

In addition to a base remuneration of 1,200 euros, the driver's note includes a subsidy of 240 euros and a reduction in the retirement age.

The National Union of Drivers of Dangerous Matters was created at the end of 2018 and became known by the strike that began on April 15, which led the Government to enact a civil requisition and then to invite the parties to sit to the negotiating table.

The arbitration of the executive made union and business representatives reach an agreement, on the 18th, setting a timetable for the start of negotiations, and the stoppage was immediately called off.

During the three-day standstill, the union got 200 more members, now more than 700, in a universe of about 900.

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