Government will meet with unions of Soflusa to "find a definitive solution to the suspension of the strike" – The Economic Journal

The masters of Soflusa, a river company that connects the north and south banks of the Tagus River, have been on strike since the beginning of May. The complaints of these workers go through the hiring of more professionals and still want a salary advantage only for their category.

With a new strike scheduled for June 3 and 7, the Assistant Secretary of State for Mobility, José Mendes, will meet with the workers' unions of Soflusa during the afternoon of Friday. The meeting intends, according to the statement sent to the newsrooms, "to find a definitive solution to suspend the strike of the masters of the river transport company."

In a previous meeting with these unions, the Secretary of State said that the pretension of a salary increase only for the category of masters, puts in question the balance of the different professional categories, affirming that the strike "does not correspond to a collective logic that has chaired to all wage negotiations at Soflusa. "

José Mendes then said that the masters' claim called into question the balance of the different professional categories on board the ship, stressing that the strike "does not correspond to a collective logic that has presided over all the salary negotiations in Soflusa." José Mendes defended that the masters already receive a prize of leadership and that they want this prize "strongly valued", underlining that it is not "open any negotiation salary".

The minister responsible for the Mobility portfolio, promised to "strengthen human resources in Soflusa" by hiring "up to six new resources", plus the four contractors that led to the opening of an internal competition for four months.

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