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The prime minister said on Wednesday that at the moment, the Government's main concern is to assess the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane “Lorenzo” through the Azores archipelago.

“There is still a wind break. We can say that from a meteorological point of view, by lunch time the situation will be normalized, although tidal situations will continue to change, which jeopardizes the navigation and security of some ports, ”said António Costa, speaking to journalists.

At a press conference from the headquarters of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority in Carnaxide, António Costa recalled that, now that "the dawn is going to be easier to make an assessment of the damage occurred." "If necessary I will go to the Azores," he stressed this morning to the media, anticipating that travel should not be necessary.

The prime minister also revealed that there were 82 occurrences in this autonomous region, including three “hard hit” homes. The greatest damage will have occurred at Porto das Lages on Flores Island, but the highest number of occurrences was in Faial. “There are several areas where electricity is not yet restored,” explained António Costa.

According to the leader of the Portuguese Executive, services may reopen tomorrow and resume their activities if the weather situation does not change. "Everything indicates that things went better than feared," admitted the prime minister, who has been in "permanent contact" with the president of the Azores Regional Government, Vasco Cordeiro.

The Azores Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) today declared that the critical period of the "Lorenzo" hurricane runs until 09:00 local time (10:00 am in Lisbon).

For the Flores and Corvo islands (western group), it is expected to be southwest from the south-west with gusts in the order of 190 kilometers per hour (km / h), with a 40% probability that the maximum gust will be over 200 km / h, sometimes heavy rain and south waves passing southwest, with significant height between 10 and 15 meters.

For the Central group, it is expected to wind southwest with gusts up to 160 km / h, rainy periods and southwest waves passing west with significant height between 9 and 12 meters, and the maximum wave height can reach 22 meters.

In the islands of the Eastern group – São Miguel and Santa Maria – there should be a south wind westward with gusts up to 100 km / h, periods of rain and southwest waves with significant height between seven and nine meters.

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