Great investment of world-wide level in the Algarve highlighted by Algfuturo – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Great investment of world-wide level in the Algarve highlighted by Algfuturo - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Realization of the dreams of a Diaspora man in Lagos revitalizing the fishing, was exalted by the Minister of the Sea

The realization of the dream of a man who brings hope, happiness and pride to a county, a region and a country, confirm by the "millionth" that the Portuguese have always been at the forefront of the world as regards intelligence and capacity. They show it in Portugal, as emigrants in the host countries and when they return and make flourish and fruitful dreams, in a successful Diaspora!

In memorial, so it can be summed up the unforgettable day of March 22, 2019, with CONGELAGOS registered in the calendar of great glories and precisely installed in the cradle of the Discoveries and land of great fishing traditions and canning industry: LAGOS. And by a man born there, created and now returned: NUNO BATTAGLIA.

Nuno Battaglia – Chairman of Congelagos on the floor

The investment of 16 million euros (40% Community support) at a processing and fish processing plant with a processing capacity of 300 tonnes / day, 5,400 tonnes of fish and shellfish storage, 75 direct jobs operating 24 hours a day, and exporting almost all of the production in a country and region where services in recent decades have galloped exponentially compared to the activities of tradable goods, is of enormous significance.

And, as the Minister for the Sea in solid intervention and loaded with humanism, emotionality and communal happiness, joins some others as feats that make us believe that Portugal is worth, always worth it. With values ​​and the good causes of the social dimension, the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

Ana Paula Vitorino – Minister for the Sea (center) on the floor

Courage, Intelligence and Excellence and sense of continuity and progress of mankind beyond us, is the symbol of living that this man from Lagos (successfully established in the United States and now returned depositing his many knowledge and assets raised) offers us, in a difficult project, with which should be an example for all, young and old.

It's more of a life lesson. which, like others, must be taken to schools, creating a culture of national pride but also of responsibility and a sense that work compensates and is in it and with values ​​that underpin the roots of the future and well-being, whether in which functions, from the humblest to the highest positions.

It was a day of joy and happiness, For the chairman and the whole team, guests in general and men of the Algarve and throughout the country and their organizations, in the perspective of being part of a circuit that will benefit everyone, with greater dignity for fishermen, in a business which will be progressively consolidated.

Nuno Battaglia with various partners (shipowners and fishermen), as well as with the president of ALGFUTURO

Rejoicing manifested and expressed on the faces of the entities, in addition to Ana Paula Vitorino and the Secretary of State for Fisheries, José Apolinário, the host President of the Chamber, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Docapesca; CEO; and others, being common to all present the VOWS OF SUCCESS.

Naturally, the business association ALGFUTURO, with several of its leaders present, also rejoices and desires everything for the better. And it will seek to make this investment a seed for many of its kind in the Algarve, in which it will work through ongoing projects, in cooperation with official entities and other partners.



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