Growing Together project closes with international conference in Odemira – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Growing Together project closes with international conference in Odemira - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The village of Odemira will host, on October 25, the international closing conference of the Growing Together Project, which aimed at training migrants as citizens and educators.

The project took place between October 1, 2016 and October 31, 2018, with funding from the European Union's Erasmus + program, involving three European territories: from Portugal, the municipality of Odemira, which coordinated the project, and the School Grouping of S. Teotónio; of Spain, the municipality of Lleida and the School Baláfia; of Italy, the municipality of Follonica and the State Institute of Higher Education of Follonica.

The conference will take place in two spaces, at Cineteatro Camacho Costa and Espaço Jovem, and will include the presentation of results, testimonies, sharing of experiences and exhibitions, with the participation of technicians and policy makers from the three countries, migrant citizens and the community in general .

A panel discussion on "Understanding to Integrate: New Challenges", attended by Pedro Calado (High Commissioner for Migration), Rui Marques (Coordinator of the Forum for Integrated Governance) and Jorge Malheiros and researcher at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning).

The Growing Together project was aimed at targeting non-formal and alternative learners, increasing the skills and understanding of migrant parents in school parenting, developing strategies and methodologies for integration and encouragement of entrepreneurship.

To achieve these goals, two editions of workshops on various themes were developed simultaneously in the three countries. The migrants presented several projects, which were developed in the community where they are inserted and which allowed a better integration and greater civic participation in the community.

During these two years, meetings and conferences were held between partners from Odemira, Lleida and Follonica, where it was possible to discuss the different perspectives and experiences and to carry out a critical reflection to address European issues that must be answered collectively, but contextualized to each territory.

"The partnership between Portugal, Spain and Italy made it possible to share experiences to build a common path for the integration of migrants, where social welfare is the great challenge in Europe and in the world," says the local authority.



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