“Guadiana Solution” is by far the most advantageous

“Guadiana Solution” is by far the most advantageous

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, ALGFUTURO points out that from Sotavento to Barlavento, the “Guadiana Solution” is a good solution due to its speed, cost and weak environmental impacts and I argue with the points that are transcribed below.

1. Consolidate the demonstration already made that the “Guadiana Solution” is in the current phase that guarantees the reinforcement of supply in significant quantities for agriculture and domestic consumption, at the same time that it is the fastest, cheapest and with the least environmental impacts , was what ALGFUTURO aimed at in the participation document promoted by the Government on the PRR. At the same time, in a context of very strong participation open to the entire population, from Barlavento to Sotavento, there are therefore no minimum grounds for certain statements that, for reasons that we do not know, seek without any solidity to disregard an absolutely clean proposal.

As for the difficulties that the Spaniards may eventually pose, it cannot be more than an act of ignorance or bad faith, since for almost 30 years they have been collecting water from an area that is common without any Portuguese permission.

On the other hand, the document expresses that in the period prior to the preparation of the present plan on water resources in the Algarve and in the debates, both in official and associative positions, the role of the leaders of ALGFUTURO has been decisive.

2. It is, therefore, natural that in the document presented, ALGFUTURO welcomes the consensus found in the debates promoted and the acceptance of official entities, in particular S. Exa. The Minister for the Environment.

It should be noted that ALGFUTURO shares the opinion that the final global option should contain a set of combined paths, be it waste water, savings, desalination and others, although it is certain, however, that the “Guadiana Solution” is that in a short time it responds the necessities.

The União Empresarial do Algarve also highlights the agreement signed with the University that was established in the organization of the entire debate, as well as the fact that the substance of the proposal is based on an intervention in the Assembly of the Republic of its President given at the beginning of March, exactly 40 years ago.

At that time, although only a large dam was completed, he pointed out that as a deputy, due to the projection of the region's economic dynamics, he thought that in his prophetic words that to reinforce the Sotavento / Barlavento system, the Guadiana would be a solution.

At that time, José Vitorino, as now ALGFUTURO, strongly defended measures for the interior and mountains that contribute to the retention of water that guarantee the strengthening of underground aquifers as well as combating losses. However, the reality shows that the mountain areas have been abandoned and in more recent times, in the last decade and a half too little has been done.

3. In sensitive matters such as this, its transparency and debate are fundamental, which is why in the document sent, ALGFUTURO detailed the operations that took place in this regard. We have already mentioned that the whole process took place in conjunction with the University of the Algarve, from beginning to end, through an organizing committee that promoted debates in Tavira, Faro (2), Silves and Lagos, with wide dissemination in strips and leaflets door to door from the coast to the mountains, as well as Facebook ads. He further stressed that all the proposals were put to the consideration of the participants at the table. It should also be noted that all Municipalities were invited to be present and to speak; it was also given to Magnifico Rector Paulo Águas and Dr. José Vitorino, as well as local authorities.

4. Finally, there was a very important closing seminar open to the entire population, which was an example of diversified democratically expressed citizenship, with the final intervention of His Excellency. The Minister of the Environment, pointing out a set of structural solutions for water to be implemented soon, including the “Guadiana Solution”, taking advantage at this time to do what we consider to be a gesture of respect and admiration that was on the one hand the wide and spectacular vision of José Vitorino, and, on the other hand, the great weaknesses of public structures. Only after almost half a century will they generate solutions.

ALGFUTURO's statement ends with a final note of great satisfaction for the high and constructive way in which in these final months a consensus was found on a solution that was claimed throughout the Algarve.


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