Guided tour behind the scenes of "Alta Mar": embark on the ship of the new Spanish series of Netflix – Current

Guided tour behind the scenes of "Alta Mar": embark on the ship of the new Spanish series of Netflix - Current

The scenarios

For the recording of "Alta Mar", Bambú Producciones – producer of "Telefonistas" and "Fariña" – built a real ship inside four walls. There are cabins, command room, canteen, deck, party room and so on. For the recreation of the transatlantic ship, wood from various points of Spain was used and several props from the 1940s era were collected – for example, the props of the command room were bought from a British collector.

During the visit to the set of recordings, the officials explain that each scenario is prepared to receive "several divisions" – the same room was used for the rooms, communications room, stateroom and infirmary. But in these changes of spaces, only the walls remain – some of the wooden walls open to facilitate at the time of filming.


To recreate the transatlantic – the scenarios were inspired by a ship that made the crossing between Vigo, Buenos Aires and Brazil in the 1940s – the team in charge planned the project for six months. The construction of the various studio divisions took two months.

The first class of the ship was one of the areas that forced more work due to the details. According to the person in charge of the scenarios, the "decoration must reflect the personality of the characters". And so it is with the cabin and the ship's captain's room.

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As with the great cruises, the differences between classes are notorious – first class staterooms are much larger and more thoughtfully decorated. But for "High Sea", only a first class room was built, but it gets 10 characters. "We changed the decor, the walls moved, we changed the number of doors, the furniture and the props," the production explains, adding that the remaining doors are "fake".

Many of the cabins and leisure spaces overlook the sea. To be able to simulate that the ship is at sea, around the scenes giant screens with images of the ocean were placed.

The closet

The costumes of the characters also required a detailed search, explained the wardens responsible for the series. "We focused on the clothes worn in 1946, exactly, it's a very special and very marked season, very visual, the clothes have a military touch," explains the production.

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Each character has a charriot and a shoebox. In order to create the dozens of pieces, the team sought clothing from the time to restore. "Some pieces of clothing are original and it took some restoration work," said the officials, adding that most of the pieces were purchased from a British collector.

The challenges for the cast

In the lunch break, the cast of the "Alta Mar" series sat down with the journalists to tell what can already be told. The talks took place in the ship's canteen, one of the most important sites in the history of Spanish production.

For Jon Kortajarena ("A Singular Man"), actor who wears the skin of Nicolas Sala, "Alta Mar" is a series "different" from what he has done. "For me, it's a very different series from what I've done, and it's good, I realized that it was one of the smartest characters I've ever done and it gave me a lot of security. I felt I had a team that could handle me very well, "he confesses.


In conversation with SAPO Mag, the actor points out that the "recordings were hard". "We started recording at the end of October, recording more than three months, recording hard because it's a very demanding and demanding series … but it's very exciting and I think the result will be something very different of what can be expected from a Spanish series. They are working as if it were a movie ", he emphasizes.

For Ivana Baquero, one of the biggest challenges was to record the series during the winter. "In the series we are in the summer, although we are recording in the middle of winter in Madrid, and it is true that there are many sequences abroad that are almost anecdotal on the deck of the boat when there is turbulence in the water," he says. scenes are recorded on the deck, the actors end up "drenched." "The biggest challenge is fighting the cold," he jokes.

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"It's always a complicated job," adds Jon Kortajarena. "Although the conditions are not the most pleasant in the world, you go home happy and with a little adrenaline, and that is one of the greatest qualities of this profession," he confesses.

For the cast, being part of an original Netflix production is a big challenge. "Of course it's exciting to have a crowd of millions of people, and when there's pressure and professionalism, things go better," says Jon Kortajarena.

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"I go into projects independently, what matters most is the character … but, yes, one of my biggest motivations has to do with being a Netflix production. It's a special and mythical story, but it also brings a lot of responsibility, "adds actress Ivana Baquero.

For Eloy Azorín, the actor who gives life to Fernando, the owner of the ship, the final result will be good because "Netflix and the producer Bambu have worked several times together." "This is my fourth job with Bambu, and I'm deeply reassured because everything I see, the cast, the characters and the scenery are very good," he says.

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