Gulbenkian Orchestra debuts eight young composers – Showbiz

Gulbenkian Orchestra debuts eight young composers - Showbiz

On Saturday, "L'envie du rire" by Luís Salgueiro, "Five Variations of the Disquiet" by Carlos Lopes, "Branco e Negro" by Tiago Cabrita, and "Desassossego" by Fátima Fonte will be performed.

The national fan was joined by Italy's Elisa Quarello (Good Body, I thank thee!), Israelite Sivan Eldar ("A Woman Spilled"), Serbian Jug Markovic ("De Rerum Natura") and the American Eugene Birman ("Message").

The eight artists were given a common challenge: "to investigate the universe of Fernando Pessoa, for being a great author, universal, but also for being translated in almost all languages."

The work was developed with the collaboration of researchers and Casa Fernando Pessoa, starting in November 2018, at a meeting, followed by writing by each composer of his pieces, returning in March to "readings and essays, in format laboratory "of existing fragments.

The work with the orchestra and the two singers, Tiago Matos and Lara Martins, was "stimulating on the side of experimentation," said Tinoco, but complex "for the fight against time" to debut so many new pieces, culminating in a public presentation that " is the end result, but a point in the process of completing the pieces, "with composers returning to writing and rewriting.

Luís Tinoco points to the example of the Israeli Sivan Eldar, one of the composers who took advantage of the workshop to create part of a larger project that will be developed after this concert.

"It was the only case that chose not to appeal to the two soloists, but bring someone else herself. Not because of mistrust, but because it has a long-term project, to create a long play with an African-American singer, Amyra León, an actress with enormous vocal potentialities and who writes the texts themselves, "he said.

Sivan's work will have "a lot of impromptu on stage," with the soloist "interacting in real time with the orchestra," in what will be "the first phase of a play that will come to be about 30 minutes long."

Variety marks the works of various composers, also by the complexity of combining "various expressions, from literary to musical", and writing for a soloist and orchestra.

"They all sound [as composições] very different because they have very different musical personalities. What I would say to be common to all is the fact that none of them have had the opportunity to write a piece for voice and symphony orchestra, a challenge always complex, "said Tinoco.

Composed for Voices, the concert that ends the workshop includes two songs by Luís Tinoco, "Sunset Song", the cycle "Search Songs" and "The Water Angel", inserted in "Songs of the Lonely Dreamer" this one already edited in CD but never played live while cycle of songs.

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