Half of the music consumption via streaming is done on YouTube – Business

Half of the music consumption via streaming is done on YouTube - Business

The video platform accounted for 47% of music consumption, especially the free service, according to a study by IFPI.

The International Federation of Phonetic Industries (IFPI) conducted a study on the behavior of music consumers through digital services in the world's 18 largest markets. The bottom line is that most users use YouTube as a platform for listening to music, recording 47% of the total streaming.

The data also indicate that 52% of people consume music through video, standing out YouTube's position. The remaining 28% of users pay for audio streaming services and 20% use free music services.

The study says that the differences between commissions and royalties between services are abysmal. Spotify pays about $ 20 per user while YouTube pays less than a dollar. The report mentions that 35% of respondents say they are not willing to pay for music services because all they want to hear is on YouTube. It should be noted that 38% of consumers use illegal means to access music and 32% "rip" the songs, that is, they use means to force their download.

Overall, users spend 17.8 hours a week listening to music and 2.5 hours a day. Smartphones are the most used devices, representing 75% of users. The study also indicates that 66% of users listen to music while traveling by car, 54% while working or studying. In order to fall asleep, 19% of users listen to music in bed, and Brazilians are the ones who pack the most with the devices, with an average of 33% of respondents. Young consumers (16-24 years old) are the ones who listen most to music during practically every activity.

The study is extensive and detailed, sharing the trends and genres in the countries concerned, but unfortunately Portugal is not part of the statistics.

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