HarmonyOS is officially Huawei's new operating system – Equipment

HarmonyOS is officially Huawei's new operating system - Equipment

After months of speculation and teasings, Huawei has moved ahead with the official presentation of its operating system, HarmonyOS, hitherto known as HongmengOS, during the Huawei Developer Conference taking place in Dongguan, China. The Chinese giant promises an engine capable of delivering a fluid and interactive experience. Huawei has already registered the Harmony name in the European Union as a smartphone operating system, and plans to replace Android if the US government moves to ban the company as it has not yet been blacklisted. .

The operating system is intended for smartphones as well as home smart devices, whether they are smart speakers, sensors connected to IoT systems. Little is known about the specific features of the operating system, but Huawei has already mapped out the roadmap for the next two years. This year will be launched what the company calls Huawei Vision, which is basically to introduce the concept of HarmonyOS and how it can be used. This release is designed for modules based on an open source infrastructure.

By 2020, the second version of the operating system will be released and will already have kernel and application infrastructure support. HarmonyOS 2.0 will be installed on computers, smartwatches and other devices. This release will feature a microkernel infrastructure, promising high graphics performance as well as unification of multiple languages.

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Finally, in 2021, with the arrival of Harmony 3.0, the company seeks optimization and synergy between software and hardware. Huawei refers to a "vertical accelerated file system". The system will reach headphones and speakers. In 2022, although no new version of the operating system has been unveiled, the company plans to introduce virtual reality glasses and other devices.

One of the strengths of Huawei for the new operating system is its modular capability, which can flexibly adapt to any device and create a cross-device experience. The Chinese giant intends to create a sharing ecosystem between software and hardware producers. Some have compared it to the long-running Fuchsia operating system by Google, which will be the successor of Android.

According to Richard Yu, Huawei's CEO for Consumer Affairs, quoted by The Verge, "HarmonyOS is totally different from Android and iOS because it has the ability to scale between different devices. In practice, producers only have to develop one application. instead, and it will be automatically compatible with other devices, says the executive.

Security is a major concern for the new operating system, whether or not Huawei was in the spotlight of the United States. HarmonyOS has a microkernel design, which is not accessible because it is protected by external kernel services, says Engadget.

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