Harry and Meghan, a modern couple who seduces the world

Harry and Meghan, a modern couple who seduces the world

However, he confessed at age 17 that he smoked marijuana and his presence at alcohol-fueled parties made him one of the tabloid favorites.

In 2005 he made the serious mistake of appearing at a costume party dressed as a Nazi officer. After this scandal, he entered the prestigious Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst.

In 2008, after a media indiscretion, it was learned that he was on a mission in Afghanistan, where he had to be repatriated for security reasons.

From there he began to make a success in the media, such as when he was a witness of honor at his brother's wedding in 2011, or when, a year later, he presided over the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

From actress to duchess

But what seemed to turn it definitely was meeting the actress Meghan Markle in 2016.

Daughter of Thomas Markle, director of television lighting, and Doria Ragland, social worker and yoga teacher, Meghan was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles.

Markle has a degree in theater and international relations at Northwestern University, near Chicago.

The actress became famous working on the television series "Suits," about a law firm in New York.

Before the marriage with Harry, she was married to producer Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced two years later.

Ever since she became a Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, who cultivated an informal Californian style of shorts and slippers, had to get used to the British monarchy's dress rules: skin-colored or neutral socks, discreet glazes and dresses below the knee.

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