Have a perfect look with three basic principles – Tips and Trends

Have a perfect look with three basic principles - Tips and Trends

To dress well it is not necessary to spend neither much money nor to buy branded clothes but to know how to coordinate well what is in the closet. Of course good taste helps and unfortunately not everyone is endowed with an aesthetic sense, but there are some key rules that help substantially to match harmoniously, making them memorable, not exaggerated and much less no joke.


It is understood by base that group of clothes that can be used every day, more basic, and that gives the motto to the remaining pieces of clothing and / or accessories. Jeans, jeans, jeans, simple shirts (never forgetting a key: the white one), tops, basic lace, simple cotton dresses, wallets without big details and more common shoes, are some of the examples.


As the name implies, what you want is really a statement, that is, use something that draws other people's gaze to you. However, this does not have to be a circus or anything too exaggerated. The statement pieces serve to make a difference in a more basic look and serve to make it stand out.

They can be accessories, clothing or even make-up: red lipstick, trend pieces, tube dresses, dresses with a bold cut, wallets with a more appealing design and / or stronger colors, coats with strong colors or prints, tops or dresses for the night , dresses or tops with prints or details bolder, shoes with high heels more glitzy and more attractive jewelry.


Finally, join the two above! And no, it's not going to be any seven-headed creature. The idea is to balance with each other, without making a real salganhada. See some of the examples …

Basic clothing + footwear statement

Underwear + accessories and footwear statement
As stated, nothing like a statement piece to stand out. So, on the face, the neckline, the feet or the wallets and belts, can always make the difference. However, the caveat is when wearing a statement counterbalance shoes with a slightly simpler wallet and vice versa.

Clothing statement + accessories base
When you have a set that is very complex – in colors, in design, in prints, etc … – nothing like betting on something simpler in accessories.

Clothing statement (top) + underwear (bottom)
Nothing like contrasting the different parts of the look, however, if you choose to give a top up, prefer a more neutral hairstyle and, in case of being a simpler top, nothing like betting on a more stiff lipstick.

Basic clothing (top) + clothing statement (bottom)

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