Hélder Pereira proclaimed Professor of the Year 2018 by the House of Sciences – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Hélder Pereira proclaimed Professor of the Year 2018 by the House of Sciences - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The House of Sciences proclaimed yesterday December 17, Hélder Pereira, Loulé Secondary School, as the Teacher of the Year 2018, at a ceremony held at CIIMAR, Passenger Terminal of the Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos.

After completing 11 years of activity, the Casa das Ciências distinguishes annually a teacher who recognizes the merit of teaching elementary or secondary education and his willingness to share his experience with his colleagues.

In this first edition of the Teacher of the Year, the choice of the Editorial Committee of the House of Sciences fell to the professor of the Secondary School of Loulé, Hélder Pereira, Geologist, thus recognizing his teaching work in school and sharing his experiences with the whole community teacher, whose document can be consulted by clicking here.

It should be noted that the Editorial Board of the House of Sciences is composed of José Ferreira Gomes (UNIVERSITY OF PORTO), João Lopes dos Santos (UNIVERSITY OF PORTO), Jorge Manuel Canhoto (UNIVERSITY OF COIMBRA), José Francisco Rodrigues (UNIVERSITY OF LISBON) , Luís Vítor Duarte (UNIVERSITY OF COIMBRA), Maria João Ramos (UNIVERSITY OF PORTO), Paulo Fonseca (UNIVERSITY OF LISBOA) and Paulo Ribeiro-Claro (UNIVERSITY OF AVEIRO).

The Casa das Ciencias is a project associated with EDULOG, Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation, focused on improving the learning of science in our schools, providing all its visitors with a repository of digital resources (https://www.casadasciencias.org), an image bank (https://imagem.casadasciencias.org), an encyclopaedia of scientific terms (http://wikiciencias.org/); all these valences are free and open access, scientifically validated by members of several Portuguese universities.

Quarterly, the Casa das Ciências publishes the Journal of Elementary Science (https://rce.casadasciencias.org), where it brings together articles on current scientific topics from areas as diverse as biology and mathematics, through biology, physics and geology. It also has a training valency, organizing an annual, certified meeting, bringing together, in each edition (the 6th edition in 2019), between 800 and 900 teachers from all over the country.



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