"Hell Fest – Park of Horrors": enter if you have the courage

"Hell Fest - Park of Horrors": enter if you have the courage

There is an ill-rested summer attraction, a group of friends, a local festival of horrors and a masked serial killer that makes it the same as its popular fair. The first sentence already glimpses how this will end.

Natalie comes to spend the weekend at her friends' house. Brooke, her best friend, has prepared a few fun days: VIP tickets to the horrors fair that Natalie's crush has arranged for the group. As a guardian of some responsibility, Natalie finds herself at first reticent, but quickly agrees to join with the prospect of reviewing Gavin.

Hurry up and find our anonymous masquerader, who just waits for someone to slide into the fair to start his carnage. And this slide can be so literally a gathering of arms, a less innocent look.

There follows an hour of meetings, mismatches, the game of the mouse and the cat. A succession of labyrinths strategically arranged by the festival, hysterical youth shouts and "The Evil Dead" style killings, but in poor and evil. Added to this is the inevitable disbelief of all those responsible for the theme park, as it would only be an employee doing his or her job. After all, everyone went to have fun and be scared.

Nothing will make us remember "Hell Fest" for long. Reasonable interpretations of aspiring actors, mediocre performance, painless argument. A positive side of the film is that the hour and a half passes quickly, and we are half-entertained, amidst the occasional small jump of the chair, between our masquerade. All without having to think too much. Nor anything to digest later, like a fork of nothing.

"Hell Fest – Park of Horrors": in theaters on October 11.

Review: Daniel Santos

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