Historian algarvio launches work on piracy in the Algarve – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Historian algarvio launches work on piracy in the Algarve - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Algarve historian Fernando Pessanha recently launched a new work, entitled "Attacks of piracy at the mouth of the Guadiana and the action of António Leite, alcalde mor de Arenilha".

It is an investigation originally published in volume XL of the Annals of the Municipality of Faro, from 2018, and now launched as a separata through Editora Guadiana, Vila Real de Santo António.

According to the researcher, the publication of this article aims to "make a subject little studied by historiography can reach more people."

"Everyone has a great curiosity about Corsican activity and piracy. However, even though we know that the Algarve coast has been ravaged by the pyrotic activity throughout the modern age, little is known about concrete, namely with regard to the mouth of the Guadiana, the main route of penetration of the peninsular Southwest, argues the researcher of the António Rosa Mendes Municipal Historical Archives.

On the other hand, this brief work intends to demonstrate that the "mysterious" town of Santo António de Arenilha was much more dynamic than initially thought, "due to its port, where traffic of slaves and other products from our squares of North Africa, "explains Fernando Pessanha.

In other words, it would be "a tax haven for those who engaged in smuggling with a view to the Castilian market and where goods were passing that made the village frequently attacked by Maghreb piracy."

The historian will address these issues in two conferences scheduled for November: on November 16 at the University of Seville, at an international congress on Military Orders and War, and on November 22, at the XXIII Jornadas de Historia de Ayamonte .



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