Hollywood Controversy: Marvel-Sony Divorce Makes Victim Spider-Man – News

Hollywood Controversy: Marvel-Sony Divorce Makes Victim Spider-Man - News

“We're disappointed but we respect Disney's decision not to continue to be the main producer of our upcoming real-life Spider-Man movie. We hope that this may change in the future, but we understand the many new responsibilities that Disney has given you – including the newly added Marvel properties. [com a aquisição da 20th Century Fox pela Disney] – Do not allow them time to work on a brand they do not own. Kevin is exceptional and we are grateful for his help and driving and we appreciate the way he helped us walk, which we hope to continue, "he concluded.

All news reports that the disruption was in fact due to the fact that Disney and Sony Studios, respectively Alan Horn and Tom Roth, had not agreed on a partnership model to move them forward.

An unusual partnership

Although Marvel is currently owned by Disney, its central character, Spider-Man, still has the movie adaptation rights locked by Sony, which produced the trilogy of Sam Raimi films starring Tobey Maguire among 2002 and 2007 and the two Marc Webb tapes headed by Andrew Garfield between 2012 and 2014.

So that the character could be part of the films of the so-called Marvel Film Universe, creatively headed by Kevin Feige, which became the most successful gross-value series in film history, Sony and Marvel made an unusual deal: Marvel would have the creative control of Spider-Man solo films released by Sony and could also use it as a participant in their own films, charging only 5% of gross box office values, while the former retains full merchandising rights. .

The partnership was mutual for both parties, with Tom Holland's Spider-Man emerging as a secondary in Marvel's "Avengers: Civil War" (2016) and later supergroup films (including this year, "Avengers: Endgame", which became the biggest blockbuster in the history of cinema in gross values) and also in two solo films by Sony, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in 2017 and later this year "Man Spider: Away from Home, which has grossed more than $ 1 billion at box offices around the world, becoming Sony's biggest hit ever when it surpassed the values ​​of the latest saga 007 movie "Specter."

Solo Sony continued to explore other strands of the Spider-Man universe disconnected from the continuity of the Marvel Film Universe, with two unexpectedly successful films premiered last year, "Venom" and "Spider-Man: In Spider Universe", which won the Oscar. Best Animated Feature Film.

Despite the statement from Sony, the news reports that Disney would now want to renegotiate the contract, establishing a 50/50 co-financing in terms of investment and profits, and that Sony would have opted to retain the pre-existing contract, trusting that their success with the latest films in isolation would allow them to survive without Feige's creative support.

Sony has two sequels of Spider-Man with Tom Holland, plus sequels of "Venom" (now directed by Andy Serkis) and "Spider-Man: In Spider-Universe," as well as a movie starring one of the enemy's. hero, Morbius, starring Jared Leto and debuting as early as 2020.

Marvel has not yet officially responded to the news although one of the protagonists of the Avengers movies, Jeremy Renner, has already posted an Instagram post stating that he wanted Spider-Man back in the Marvel Film Universe.

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