Hong Kong continued violent protests today – The Economic Journal

Tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons was, again, the Chinese authorities' response to the protest demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of people today in Hong Kong on August 31.

These demonstrations, which are challenging the power of the People's Republic of China, are already on their 13th consecutive week.

Protestant demonstrations in Hong Kong were evidenced by the lighting of fire spots, the throwing of fuel bombs and the attack on the parliament of the territory under special administration.

This Saturday is a special day in these demonstrations because it marks the 5th anniversary on which the People's Republic of China legally banned the possibility of free elections in Hong Kong.

Yesterday, Friday, August 30, several leaders of the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, including activists and lawyers, were arrested.

This protest movement in Hong Kong arose from opposition to the law that the parliament of the territory intended to approve of extradition of criminal to the mainland of the People's Republic of China.

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