"Hotel Mumbai": at the Taj Mahal, the customer is God

"Hotel Mumbai": at the Taj Mahal, the customer is God

With the motto "The Client is God" in mind, Dev Patel and Anupam Kher are the hotel's heroic employees who will do everything to protect their clients. Among them, Nazanin Boniadi and Armie Hammer, a couple who leave their newborn baby with the nurse; Jason Isaacs in the role of a powerful Russian, ready to spend the night with local "escorts"; and a couple of Australian backpackers who split up during the attack.

And also the terrorists, to whom Maras gives immense screen time, with scenes where there is no music to accompany and the sound of the bullets that crosses the spine reigns.

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Spatial confusion, suffocation and panic are always on the edge, but Maras always finds a refuge to focus on again, breaking the sordid rhythm through an emotional call, an afflicted embrace or the real news images that the people follow television.

There are several minutes of carnage, where the terrorists advance without mercy, with a coldness that agonizes the stomach. Something that prompted New Zealand to ban the screening of this "Mumbai Hotel" after attacks on mosques in Christchurch.

With the cinematography in documentary record and the composition composing the claustrophobia of space and time, this is one of those films in which we wonder about the ethics and the exploration of something so painful, that happened so recently. It will depend on the tolerance of each.

But regarding the registration of Anthony Maras's achievement, we are curious and enthusiastic about what will come next to "Hotel Mumbai".

"Hotel Mumbai": in theaters on May 23.

Review: Daniel Antero

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