Households asked for less credit in July with negative housing credit – Jornal Económico

In July 2019, the annual rate of change (tva) of loans to non-financial corporations declined slightly by 0.6 percentage points (pp) from the previous month. The note released by Banco de Portugal (BdP) maintains that loans to non-financial corporations decreased to -0.2%.

For private exporting companies, the annual rate of change stood at -0.6%, equivalent to an increase of 0.3 pp compared to June this year.

In non-financial corporations overdue loans ratio, the month of July stood at 8.7%, reflecting a 0.1 pp decrease. 20.7% ”.

Looking at the households' perspective, the annual rate of change of loans granted was 0.4%. By segments, the annual rate of change in consumer and other credit decreased by 0.8 pp to 4.4%, while the rate of mortgage lending stood at -0.6%.

Households' overdue loans ratio decreased by 0.1 pp from June to 3.1%. The percentage of overdue borrowers decreased by 0.2 pp to 9.9%.

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