How can you respond to the country's portrait in numbers

How can you respond to the country's portrait in numbers

Where is everyone? How many are all? How are they all? The answer lies in the Censuses, the portrait of the country in numbers that, every 10 years, tells us where we are today, to better plan for tomorrow. Census 2021 is already underway and if you have already received the letter with the codes and the respective passwords to answer the questions, you can answer until the 3rd of May.

Unlike 10 years ago (2011), in which about half of the answers were given over the internet, for this Census the National Statistics Institute (INE), which coordinates the study, expects a considerable increase in this aspect.

How to do it?

Through the site or calling the phone 21 054 20 21, which in addition to being a support line allows, for the first time, to respond to the Censuses.


You can also go to the Parish Council of the place where you live, to use the e-counter.

There is also the possibility to complete the traditional paper questionnaires delivered by the enumerators. This face-to-face work – which promises to comply with "a strict Public Health protocol" – will be carried out by about 11 thousand enumerators who will walk on the field as of May 31, whose task will be to collect responses that have not arrived by phone or by electronic means.

According to the INE, 15 thousand people will be involved in the search and processing of data from the Census 2021.


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