How much do you earn, on average, a Portuguese?

How much do you earn, on average, a Portuguese?

Data from the earnings and working time survey published by the Ministry of Labor's strategy and planning office show that men earned an average of € 1,279 per month gross while women received € 1,034.90.

That is, the gain of women was 19.1% below that of men.

The men had a year-on-year rise of 9.6% in the average monthly gain and, in contrast, the women registered a reduction of 11.3%.

The average monthly gain includes the basic remuneration, premiums and regular allowances such as diuturnidades, subsidies of function, of food, of exemption of schedule, among others, as well as the payment for extra or extraordinary hours.

In turn, the monthly average of the basic compensation of employees was 977.16 euros in April last year, 0.6% more than in the same period of 2017.

By professional group, there was a year-on-year increase of 3.3% in managerial earnings and 3.2% in apprentices. Already the employees / workers registered a rise of 1.8%.

The data also show that managers recorded above-average gains of 121.6%, with an average gain of 2,585.74 euros gross.

On the other hand, the employees / workers presented a negative deviation from the average of 3.4%, since the monthly gain was 1,127.5 euros illiquid.

By economic activity, the highest monthly gain and average monthly remuneration were observed in the electricity, gas, steam, water and air sector, corresponding to 2,921.83 euros and 2,012.63 euros.

The lowest values ​​were in the lodging and catering sector, with an average monthly gain of 808.30 euros and an average monthly remuneration of 734.82 euros.

The average weekly paid work hour was 38.9 hours, of which 0.6 hours corresponded to additional work.

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