how the real baby will mess with the economy – The Economic Journal

how the real baby will mess with the economy - The Economic Journal

The birth of a child who is in seventh place on the throne line would not, in normal cases, be sufficient to boost the sales of many shops scattered throughout Europe. However, given that the world is staring at the pregnancy of Meghan Markle, it is estimated that there are some companies that can benefit from this effect.

There is a high probability that anything that Meghan Markle uses during pregnancy, especially maternity dresses, is sold at a good pace. This can also happen with baby clothes or other accessories. For example, Dutch carmaker Bugaboo International BV increased sales when Kate was photographed pushing her children into these pushchairs. According to Bloomberg, Mothercare, Debenhams or Zara companies are in the forefront to celebrate birth.

While spending on grocery products is unlikely to receive a strong boost as happened when the Duke and Duchess were married, there may be some residual benefits. For example, when Prince George first went to school in September 2017, there was an increase in demand for Puy's lentils after they appeared on the school menu.

Gambling houses can benefit by placing bets on the baby's name and, possibly, when it will be born. Before the birth of the third son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, the brokers were surprised with a wave of betting on names like Albert. The couple chose Louis' name.

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