How to attract audiences to a retro console? Make sequels of retro games – Multimedia

How to attract audiences to a retro console? Make sequels of retro games - Multimedia

Intellivision Entertainment is building a new video game console, Amico, and aims to be a breath of fresh air in the numerous retro proposals that have hit the market, such as the SNES, PS Classic and other machines designed to run ROMs of titles of the era Golden.

Scheduled for October 2020, the console was designed to bring social fun back to the living room, in tribute to the times when the internet did not exist. And the team involved in the company has big names in the industry, especially for "old school" players. The CEO of Intellivision is Tommy Tallarico, currently known by the Video Games Live organization, but as a musician he worked at companies such as Shiny Entertainment, having produced numerous soundtracks for great classics such as MDK and Earthworm Jim.

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And it is exactly the third chapter of the famous wormhole game that serves as a business card to the console. For more than 20 years fans have been waiting for his return and team meeting, which includes David Perry, the creator of the series and leader of the late Shiny Entertainment. If you can not remember, the programmer was also the founder of Gaikai and pioneer in the games in streaming, having sold the business to Sony, giving rise to the service PlayStation Now. To accompany Tommy Tallarico and David Perry are other producers like Doug TenNapel, the original creator of the character Earthworm Jim.

Intellivision, which participated in the 8-bit "war", has already presented its new console a few months ago, and intends this Saturday, May 4, to make a special stream, officially showing the first design of it, and maybe some demo of Earthworm Jim 3, which is still at a preliminary stage. Although retro, the console looks futuristic enough, with LEDs around it that illuminate interactively with the games.

The highlight goes to its two wireless commands via Bluetooth, with tactile color screen and a directional disk. The command has force feedback, microphone, loudspeaker, gyroscope and accelerometer, and both can be loaded in the own console that serves as dockstation to them. In addition, Amico is accompanied by an app that transforms up to eight smartphones simultaneously into the controls themselves, a smart decision that goes against PlayLink on PlayStation 4.

About 40 years after the release of the original console, Intellivision Amico will cost $ 149-179 and will be released in Europe and the United States on October 10, 2020, a "round" date: 10-10-2020. Regarding the alignment of games, despite "catching" several classics, these will have a special and exclusive treatment for the console, and will be sold between $ 3 and $ 8, without the addition of paid content (DLC) or in-app purchases. Some 20 pre-installed classics are already promised, including Atari titles, but exclusive Intellivision stores will be added, such as Earthworm Jim 3.

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