"How to get a good result in Europe? Ms. May, ask Jürgen Klopp for tips, "says Corbyn – The Economic Journal

Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn today challenged British PM Theresa May to take inspiration from Liverpool's German coach Jürgen Klopp to ensure "a good result in Europe" in reference to Brexit.

"Given Liverpool's incredible performance last night [terça-feira], perhaps the Prime Minister could ask Jürgen Klopp for some tips on how to get a good result in Europe, "Corbyn quipped during the MEPs' weekly debate with May.

Liverpool managed to nullify a 3-0 lead that FC Barcelona brought from the first leg of the Champions League semi-final by winning 4-0 at home to reach the final of the competition.

The head of government responded with her own interpretation, saying that what victory "shows is that when everyone says that it is all over, when the European opposition thinks it has already won, when time is running out and it is better to admit the defeat, but in fact it is possible to guarantee a triumph if all are united ".

They both referred, without explicitly speaking, to the EU exit process from the EU), currently stuck because of the government's difficulty in passing an exit agreement by MEPs, who have already hit the text negotiated three times with Brussels.

The government and the main opposition party are negotiating a month ago to try to reach an understanding that can overcome the impasse, but on Tuesday Cabinet Minister David Lidington admitted that this would not be possible before the European elections, May 23, as desired.

The European Council gave the United Kingdom until 31 October to approve an agreement that would allow an orderly exit from the European bloc, which was originally scheduled for 29 March.

Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) leader Ian Blackford urged Theresa May to update parliament on the state of the negotiations, which the British press speculated earlier this week that they might be about to result in a pact.

"We are working on an agreement that can guarantee a majority of this house," said the prime minister.

May was confronted by Eurosceptic MEP Andrea Jenkyns of her Conservative party who urged the leader to resign in the face of a heavy defeat in last week's local elections that resulted in the loss of 1,300 seats in English municipalities.

The prime minister has also been under pressure from her parliamentary group, which wants her to make clear the timetable for her exit, which May said will only happen after the approval of the agreement for the 'Brexit'.

"I'm sorry we've seen so many good conservative councilors lose their seats last week, often without any fault of their own," the conservative leader said.

However, he continued, "this is not a question about me," noting that the Eurosceptics vote against the exit agreement is the reason why the UK has not yet left the EU.

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